A Little Late…


I’m terribly late, but I hope you and yours had a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed time with my Love and our kiddos and extended family to boot.  Can’t ask for more, and we have much to be grateful for.




Be back soon with some outfit posts…

Handy App: My Fitness Pal


I have to admit, I’ve never been one for counting calories or really paying much attention to what I eat.  However, now that I’m older and after having four babies, my metabolism isn’t quite what it used to be and I need to be careful.  The hubs found an awesome app on the iPhone that I downloaded to help in this area:  MyFitnessPal.  It has been awesome!  To get started I entered my weight and my goal weight (aka pre baby weight) and a few measurements.  It calculates how many calories you should be consuming per day and you get bonus calories to intake when you factor in workouts.  Counting calories is a cinch with the app because it has hundreds of thousands of options and has a bar code scanner so you can just scan in a drink or snack and it figures the calories, you just input the serving amount.  It really has opened my eyes to what I’m putting in my body.  For example, I’m always over on my sugar intake every day… darn sweet tooth!  I’m much more aware of what I NEED to be healthy versus what I want to pop in my mouth for a sweets craving.  We’ve been on it for three weeks now and I’m down 3.4 lbs and almost a full 4 inches!

If you want more information, you can check out their website HERE or simply download it on your phone!  The icon looks like this:



I’m not sure that my timing is the best considering the fact that TOMORROW IS THANKSGIVING… I’m pretty sure I will be down in our workout room post face stuff fest! 


OOTD: Purple and Metallics


My sweet hubs gets bonus points for obliging to take pictures for me, but when we get goofy and tired, the results leave much to be desired but certainly make for a great laugh.


DSCF0542 DSCF0543 DSCF0544

In this Outfit:  Gap Dark Purple Silk Tee

J Crew Skirt

Jewelry from AE and Target

DSW Moxy Mojo Sophia Heels

Anthro Tights

Express (minus the) Fur Coat


I can’t even explain the blurriness other than I told him to make me genuinely smile and he said to do something funny so we were both laughing and this is the results folks… and I’m so thankful for a hubby that makes me smile every.single.day.

OOTD: Lavender and Navy


This lavender top has been quietly resting in my closet since last year; the winter months came, then a protruding belly with the pregnancy, so I pulled it out and paired it with a navy cardigan to suit the season:



In this Outfit:  J Crew Francis Cami

J Crew Cardi

Victoria’s Secret Pants

Jessica Simpson Heels

Necklace and Bracelets from Target


Although I love the layering climate, Idaho winters are depressingly long so around February I’m sure you will here some complaints of the bitter cold and the WIND… I think I could bare it easier if we didn’t have such nasty wind!

OOTD: Casual Cobalt



I found some awesome cobalt colored pants online with Express but then spotted these jeggings at my local Old Navy and they actually fit without the hips poking out in a funky way on me.  Oh, and about 1/3 of the price of the Express pair



In this Outfit:  WHBM top

J Crew Supernova Necklace

J Crew Calf Hair Belt

Old Navy Rock star Jeggings

DSW Moxy Mojo Sophia Pumps


Loving the colored denim this season… do you own any?  What colors??!

OOTD: Maybe Not Quite What I Hoped For…


During the last J. Crew sale I scooped up the striped sweater below and I already had a similar skirt and the striped silk blouse.  In my head the three pieces worked out perfectly together…


dream sweaterpurple skirtsilk strip boy shirt

1.  J Crew No 2 Pencil Skirt in Tinsel Tweed

2.  J Crew Dream V-Neck Sweater in Stripe

3.  J Crew Boy Shirt in Stripe Crepe de Chine


…but here we are with a terrible photo of the actual outfit:


photo[1] (2)

The sweater runs quite large and I’m wishing I had ordered an extra small, so I’m considering having this one altered because I do love the stripe.  It looks black and tan, but it’s actually a navy stripe on the sweater.  I think the two stripes layered with one another are a little masculine for me, but what are your thoughts?

OOTD: Classic Black & White


Black and white looks will forever be a favorite of mine as they are easy, classy and timeless.  For this outfit I paired a simple LBD with my striped blazer from Anthro:


  DSCF0530  DSCF0527 

In this Outfit:  Target Dress

Anthropologie Hello Sunday Blazer

J Crew Necklace

DSW Moxy Mojo Bow Heels


This hairstyle is a new look for me and I felt a little “off” with nothing along my face, but it was a good change.  The shoes… let’s talk about these shoes!  They are better in person than they show online and all around a great finish for a polished outfit.  I am contemplating ordering them in another color but I’m thrilled with the all black color.  The reviews online said that they ran long so I was worried after I ordered my usual size, but for me they fit perfectly and I didn’t have the cramped toe feeling after a long day of work.  I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a great heel.

PS, I am liking the optical illusion this blazer is doing for my waistline… Too bad the effects aren’t permanent.

OOTD: Purple on purple


Just a quick snap from Monday’s outfit; purple cardi on a purple top, but it worked for me.  Monday was manic just like the song.  P.S. Hubby heard me singing that song when we first got married and thought I made it up.  Seriously, I thought everyone knew that song!


photo[1] (3)

In this Outfit:  Loft Cami

Banana Republic Cardigan

Anthropologie Necklace

Maurice’s Dress Pants

Gucci Glasses


Oh, and now a little treat for you:

Even though it’s Wednesday, this is how I felt on Monday…

PSA: Ebates


I don’t think I’ve ever done a blurb about Ebates, so let’s talk about it now.  I have a little link on the side of my blog that looks like this:


Have you looked into it?  Let me tell you a little bit about it!  Just like their slogan, it pays to shop online with Ebates… literally.  It’s a free service that gets a commission from online retailers when you complete a transaction and make a purchase with these retailers but rather than keeping the entire commission for themselves, they share the rewards with us as the buyers! 

I make a habit out of logging into Ebates first, then searching for the retailer I plan on shopping with.  For example, J. Crew is a participating retailer and right now they are offering 8% cash back on your subtotal.  It’s smart shopping since I plan on making a purchase any way, and I can pocket the rewards once a quarter.  I choose to have it deposited into my PayPal account and love the little extra!  Look into it and get paid to shop online now!

Layering Necklaces


Lately I’ve been into creating my own statement piece by layering necklaces, here is just a couple of little snippets of how it turns out;


photo[1] (2)  photo[1]

Multi-strand Pearl Necklace – Dillard's

Long Pearl Strand – J Crew

Clear Double Layer – American Eagle

Crystal Supernova Necklace – J Crew


Keeps it fun anything but drab.  What are YOUR thoughts?

OOTD: Anthropologie Wrap Around Blouse


So this fun striped silk top went on sale at Anthro, and my usual size 4 had already sold out, but I bought the next size up.  Although it needs some alterations, I wore it anyway but the picture points out that it’s far too loose in the tummy area and NO, we aren’t expecting again:



In this Outfit:  Anthropologie Wrap Around Blouse

Gap Brown Tween Blazer

Express Editor Pants


I think it will be more flattering once I get it tweaked here and there, but when you’re running late and it’s the first thing in reach, it sort of just works for the moment.  My only gripe about this blouse is I with it had sleeves so I didn’t have to wear the blazer because the green stripes are such a fun color.  Oh well, can’t have it all…

OOTD: All in the Accessories


So, I bought this blouse from Zara and loved that it was all white and a crisp blouse, but then I found a post by Chloe with the same top and her necklace was just what I had been looking for, so I scooped it up with a promo from Asos:



In this Outfit:  Zara Pique Blouse

ASOS Jeweled Collared Necklace

Macy’s Skirt

Modcloth Dot Your Tights

White House Black Market Shoes


This otherwise drab outfit had a little more zest thanks to the accessories, but I will always love classic black and white looks!

OOTD: I Miscounted my Buttons…


What, you’ve never buttoned a blouse or cardigan and didn’t realize you were off on the match up before?  Yep, I’m posting “as is” because that’s how I roll.


015   016

In this Outfit:  Express Cream Sequin Tank

J Crew Ruffle Cardi and Resin Colorblock Necklace

Topshop Pants

Anthropologie Heels and Boucle de Soufflé Jacket



I think it makes for an interesting effect, right?  My excuse is that I’m so blasted tired… with work and a baby I’m not sure if I’m coming or going most days, so I look forward to the end of the day where I can come home and put some sweats on and make cookies and popcorn with my boys.  THAT is the good life.

Savvy Deal and J Crew Look-a-Like


I have been dreaming of the J Crew Viv Pump for weeks…


Viv Pump

{J Crew Viv Pump… $298… gulp!}

But at $298 I just couldn’t ever justify spending that much on shoes (plus, the hubs said he’d kill me, while sitting next to me and eating a bowl of cereal… all with the utmost sound of love in his voice, of course).  Thankfully, I found this lovely look alike from DSW:



{Mojo Moxy Sophia Pump… just $69.95}


Granted, they are not Italian leather, but they will do just fine!  Plus, use code GUYSTYLE to take at least $10 off your order of $59 or more AND stack code SHIPR for free shipping!  Hubs just laughed at me and asked when they will be arriving on our doorstep… Well, in about three days to be exact. 


If you feel the urge to splurge, save 25% on all items and get free shipping on all orders of $150+ at J Crew with code STAYWARM!

Some News: Changes are Coming Soon!


I did it… I finally did it; I purchased a new domain to customize this blog so it’s more “Me”… so the new address is http://www.sequinsandstilettos.com, but if you go to the old address of www.sassysavvystyle.blogspot.com you will be redirected to the new site.  The site look will be changing over the course of the next few months so please bare with me and the construction.  I’m very excited about the change and admit that I’m not the greatest at coming up with names, so the initial “Sassy Savvy Style” was maybe a little cheese ball-ish, but this girl loves all things sparkly and a great pair of heels so the new name fits quite perfectly!  Hang on for the ride! 

A Sunday Post with Baby B


I had a few emails stating I need to share more on how little “B” is doing, so here you go!  He is growing like a little weed and while that is exciting, it is sad too.  It really does go too fast.  He is now 11 weeks old as of today.  He is very mellow but still doesn’t sleep through the night (come on, Little One, we REALLY need to work on that!). 



He is my little cuddle bug and I’m savoring each tender moment of that while it lasts…




…and he already holds my heart in his tiny little hand.

Heaven Help Me…


Anthropologie now accepts payment online via PayPal… along with Asos, J Crew and Zara just to name a few more.  Decisions, decisions.  As I have mentioned before, I always seem to have a little cushion in my PayPal account, and now it’s all the easier to spend.  I love this little cardi from Anthro:



{Whispy Pointelle Cardi}


Also, now through the month of November, all orders over $100 ship free; so find something fantastic for those on your Christmas list!

OOTD: Forever 21 Striped Skirt


This skirt was such a great find for me… for less than $10 I scored a long pencil skirt in stripes after a long search.  I can’t remember the exact price, and it’s not on their site any more, but they always have new versions popping up, so check them out! 


photo[1] (4)

In this Outfit:  Shawl Sweater from Macy’s

Forever 21 Striped Skirt

J Crew Resin Colorblock Necklace in Heather Camel (bought with a mega promotion!)

Not Seen (sorry!):  Anthropologie Spotted Diamond Tights and Maroon T-Straps from Target


My hair is long enough now to make it awkwardly look like I have some serious armpit hair going on… you gotta’ love that, right?  Haha.

Over the Past Weekend…


We took a little trip to Snowbird in Utah to stay with some friends and just get away.  It’s tradition for us to spend time with these friends each Halloween and we make such great memories… this year was a little rough, but kids will be kids, right?


photo[1] (2)

“L” thought he was hardcore, so I had to throw up a sign… never mind that mine means Hang Loose…  I’m a cool Mom, I just keep telling myself that…



We were on a ski mountain… without any snow.  It was awesome to be outside though and snuggle up with this Love of mine.



This is “P” doing was he does best… exploring and being a little MacGyver.  Note:  he has fingernail clippers attached to a flash drive!  Hahaha  Those dimples… (sigh)



Finally, here is an updated picture of sweet little Baby “B” – he is now TEN WEEKS (kind of sad…) and full of smiles.  I absolutely love this phase!


There – a little detour from fashion but hey, I have a life outside of this blog too.  Smile

OOTD: The Red Pencil Skirt


I’m in a red craze right now, and was on the hunt for a red pencil skirt forever, then I found one that was the right length without a thigh high slit!



In this Outfit:  Victoria Secret Pencil Skirt

Banana Republic Monogram Top

J Crew Black Ruffle Cardi

Express Belt

Zara Court Shoe


I’m probably over doing the red, but let’s just roll with it.  Happy Wednesday; we’re half way through this week!

I Knew Spiteful Comments Would Eventually Come…

Alright, I’m going to address a few things, starting with nasty people and nasty comments.  An anonymous reader was kind enough to leave a malicious comment on this post about how immodest my outfit was.  I’m sorry, but when do leggings with a tunic count as inappropriate or immodest? 

When I started this blog, my goal was to inspire women Mormon women who might think it’s a pain to style themselves with our modesty guidelines.  It was something that I found to be fun and I had been told that I had great style by many dear friends, so off I went to run this blog in addition to being a wife, mommy and employee.  I reached out to another blogger about her thoughts on what I had in mind and she was more than gracious to share some of her knowledge, experience and know-how.  At first I didn’t have anything in my profile about being a Mormon myself, and she kindly pointed out that I should mention that to reach out to others.  I’m so glad she suggested that and I have not been worried about putting my personal beliefs out there for the world to see.

I know what my church sets as far as acceptable and not acceptable for dress.  For this person to be so horrid about it blows my mind.  First off, it wasn’t worn as a dress and tights; I had on a long shirt/tunic with leggings and high heels, although you couldn’t see the bottom half of the outfit thanks to the shot.  Secondly, it breaks my heart to know that she was eager to almost cast shame upon me.  Really?  Our church does not condone judgment and petty behavior like that, but everyone still has the ability to choose their actions; I’m just sorry this person chose to go that route. 

Obviously, for this reason, I have removed the capability to post anonymous comments.  If you have concerns or would like to address me without leaving a comment, feel free to email me at sassystyle47@ymail.com rather than hiding behind the anonymous identity.