Ask Away

Well, I went into pre-term labor this weekend, and have been discharged with medication and instruction to take it easy and avoid stress.  How does a working mom of two avoid stress?  Seems a little paradoxical, but I will do what I can.  In the mean time, there will not be a lot of posts on the blog, but I thought it would be a good time for a good ol’ Q&A session.

For example, one reader asked, “What are the things you let yourself splurge on and where do you save?’  I will address that one for sure.  As for the rest of your questions, I have a few rules:
  1. Please be respectful.
  2. Don’t ask nasty, hurtful things and hide behind “Annonymous” as your identity.
  3. I reserve the right to delete comments and only answer questions that are not too personal/invasive.
I will review and do another post with answers to your questions – so ask away!

DSC_2700 copybw

I will give it a few days - and put my feet up a little.  :)

Want to Try…


When it comes to makeup and my daily beauty routine, I pretty much stick with the same old tried and true products, but lately I’ve had the itch to try some new products:


YSL shadow

{Ombres 5 Lumieres Eye shadow in Midnight Garden – available at YSL on 7/29}

These colors look extremely bright, but the middle color is pretty sheer and looks great layered over the other colors!


zit zapper

{Kate Somerville 24 Hour Pimple Punisher – available at Sephora on 9/1}

Alright, I’m not a teenager (obviously) but I still have to battle with pesky breakouts every now and again.  This product is a 2 in 1 in the sense that one side goes on clear over makeup, while the other side is a stronger fighting option for those stubborn pimples!



{Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder – available at your Estee Lauder counter in August}

This is the perfect option for bronzing, or blushing, and a pretty little compact too!


Tell me, what are your favorite products?  Is there anything out there that you are dying to try?

Orange Crush


This lovely popped up in my inbox this morning, and although summer felt like it took a while to get here, I look forward to fall.  It’s my favorite season to get dressed, and orange is going to be the trend when it finally cools off a bit.  I love these looks from shopbop:



{original link here}

How do you feel about orange?

Maternity Shoot


I finally did it; after several scheduling issues and holiday events, I finally committed to a night and met up with the AWESOME Tasha for my little maternity shoot.  For the local readers, if you’re looking for a great photographer, she’s your girl!  It will be a couple of weeks before the pictures are ready, but “L” grabbed my camera from my purse and took some ‘behind the scenes’ photos that will work as a little snippet:




I can’t wait until they are done!  And no, I didn’t swallow a basketball, I know you are all dying to ask that question!

All I Will Say Is…


Make sure you are a follower of the blog, because in 11 days it’s my one year blogiversary!  Stay tuned for a give away…  Smile


A Necessity


Alright, here is the deal… I have a bathrobe that is in need of an alternate.  There isn’t really anything wrong with it, but it’s a heavy terry cloth robe from Victoria’s Secret; floor length, long sleeves… not ideal for a pregnant woman OR anyone for that matter during the hot summer months.  For a while I had envisioned a light weight silky robe in yellow (I’m SO drawn to yellow right now, it’s crazy) and wanted kimono style sleeves.  Then, one day, wouldn’t you know it, but it was as if Anthropologie read my mind:



Lassi Robe – $128

The only issue I have with it is the price… $128 for a robe?  Yikes!  You can bet I will be watching (crossing my fingers) for this to go on sale, especially with a month and a half to go before this baby makes his debut.  Would you ever spend that much on an item that you won’t wear out of the house?!?

OOTD: Casual Friday with a Twist of Color

Happy Friday everyone!  What a long week, this weekend brings some rest, relaxation and pampering for this Mama; the hubs has taken the boys camping and since I am not sleeping too well in our own bed, I will not attempt to sleep on an air mattress for two nights.  As much as I will miss them and feel out of place in an all too quiet house, I am looking forward to some girlie time!

In this outfit:  Anthropologie Hace Sol Top
J Crew Necklace
Old jeans and sandals

My hair is in some desperate need of color; either the high lights touched up or darker, but I can’t make up my mind.  I can’t tell you how badly my roots need something… thankfully the ‘ombre’ look is in.  I said that to my hubs and he just looked at me with a puzzled look on his face.  Alright, I’m going to wipe the above cheese ball look off my face and get this weekend started.

40% off EVERYTHING at Ann Taylor Loft

Yes, Ann Taylor extended another great 40% off sale on all items; sale and regular priced!  You can score some great pieces up until 11:59 EST tonight, and free shipping on all orders of $75 or more, just use code TAKE40 at check out.  These are my picks:

floral printed skirt tie pullover pixalated animal shell
1.  Evening Floral Printed Pencil Skirt  - $41.70 sale price
2.  Cap Sleeve Tie Pullover – $26.70 sale price
3.    Twist Neck Shell Pixalated Animal – $32.70 sale price

Oh, and I LOVE this one, but it sold out way too fast!

polka dot

Also, some great new sale items add to Anthropologie’s sale – check them out!

My Top Five Summer Beauty Must Haves

Everyone has one; a list of things they can’t live without for a certain time frame or season.  Well, I’ve decided to share my current summer beauty must haves, so enjoy!

summer faves

1.  Beauty Rush Lip Balm from Victoria’s Secret – I get this in the clear lip balm and it’s a great soothing balm for summer and my dry, chapped lips.  Since it’s in a clear color, it is a nice, natural looking gloss that can be worn alone, or layered over my favorite punchy colored lipstick.  When these babies hit sale, I stock up on a year’s supply… not even kidding.

2.  DiorShow Iconic Extreme Waterproof Mascara – A waterproof mascara is a must in the heat, especially for the days with the kids in the pool.  It lengthens and adds volume; two features that definitely make a great mascara!

3.  Dove Ultimate Go Fresh Revive Deodorant in Pomegranate & Lemon – This scent is fresh and strong for those awfully sweaty days.  Gross, but we all go through them, so I opt for a great smelling deodorant to combat the heat and stay smelling nice rather than being mistaken for that woman that never showers before leaving the gym.

4.  Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs – This is hands down my new favorite perfume.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original scent, but this version is amazing.  It’s so light and airy and not overpowering (trust me, that is a huge feature right now with my uber sensitive pregnancy nose!).  If you haven’t tried it, stop by the tester counter the next time you’re in Dillard’s or Macy’s! 

5.  Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – Again, waterproof is a must for these summer days and this eyeliner stays in place in spite of water, sweat and tears.  I use this in the dark brown color and it’s not as dark as you might think but perfect for a not too bold eye.

So now that I have shared my must have list, tell me, what are some of YOUR favorite products for summer?

OOTD: Who Doesn’t Love a Circus?

Yes, this dress makes me feel like I’m wearing a circus tent… and I don’  It is incredibly comfy so it is here to stay.  Originally it was retailing for $69.50 at our local GAP store, but it went 40% off and considering the fact that my faithful/trusty “go-to” items are starting to fail me, I scooped this up in  Medium knowing that I can have it altered post baby.  And I didn’t lose any sleep over it.  I suppose I should back up, a friend was kind enough to check on this dress for me FIRST so I didn’t have to haul the two littles out unless it was actually on sale.  Sorry GAP, but there are very few things in your store that are worth $70 or more these days…

1 3 2
J Crew Ruffle Cardi
Red Flower Belt Found on EBay
Earrings from…?
Simple red canvas sandals from GAP as well
32 Week Baby Bump

Haha, and in the first picture, I love how it looks like my prenatal vitamins have made my armpit hair strong enough to burst through my clothes, but I promise that is not the case. 
Winking smile

OOTD: More Grey, Yellow and Turquoise

Just a quick post, and an outfit that REALLY shows off this growing bump of mine:

1  2
In this outfit:  Grey Express Shell
Yellow Shade Tee
Anthropologie Turquoise Necklace
White Pants from American Eagle

I'm really feeling this color combo lately; hard to tell from the pictures but the top is grey with a layering tee in yellow underneath.  The white pants... they are getting TIGHT.  And yes, sometimes I do get emotional trying to figure out what on Earth to wear each morning.  ;)

OOTD: Yellow and Turquoise

Just like I predicted when I announced my pregnancy, my posts are becoming more sparse.  Sorry, just the way it might be for the next little while.  I'm down to single digits though in the count down for this little man... hallelujah!

I wore this bright yellow dress yesterday, worn before here.  In addition to my belly growing, I think my hair has grown at least four inches in length!  I love the trend of yellow, turquoise and grey, so I put it to work here:

yellow front     bump
 In this outfit:  Target dress
Anthropologie Curling Posies Cardigan
31 Week Baby Bump

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Now to tray and get comfortable for the weekend... wish me luck!

Nice, Long Weekend


I hope you all had a safe, nice, long weekend.  It was much needed for me.  There is a lot that is wrapped up in this holiday and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with good friends and family.  I love the traditions that come along with the 4th of July and hope we can create long lasting memories for my sons. 


My in-laws hosted a family BBQ on the 2nd; they own five acres of land and had some horses for the kiddos to ride… but I couldn’t let the kids have all the fun!  Yes, at 30 weeks prego, I enjoyed a little ride on a horse myself. 


4th of July 007


Okay, let’s pretend I’m not retaining water and that my knees aren’t, hmm… what shall we call them… ‘plump’?  Blek…  I did enjoy myself though; it’s been ages since I’ve been on a horse so I loved every minute of it. 


On a different note, I was surprised to be featured on Banana Republic’s Facebook page today here!  Just a reminder of what it was like to be twenty five pounds lighter.  I’ll get back to that…

UO Free Shipping


This weekend only, get free shipping on all orders over $50 at Urban Outfitters – just use code “GRILLIN” at checkout.  Plus, lots of new styles added to the sale!



{Pins and Needles Battenburg Tank}

Filigree Jewelry


One of the top jewelry trends right now is chunky filigree jewels:


filigree jewels

{Image from here}


While any of those pieces will set you back a pretty penny, check out these less expensive alternatives from Forever21:


gold earrings

{Gold Filigree Earrings}



{Filigree Flower Bracelet}


When it comes to trends, I like the less expensive alternatives a lot better because I won’t feel so bad giving them away when the trend dies.  How about you?  Any trends you’re willing to splurge on this summer?