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A Few New Items

My bestie and her hubby came up from Utah this past weekend for some much needed time together.  It gets a little crazy at times since we have kids and they don't, but they are SO great with ours and understanding that I wish they lived closer.  We talk about it every time they come, and maybe we'll get there...

Any how, Saturday all the adults went out for a casual lunch then the boys did there thing (stopped by an Army Surplus store...blah!) and they let us girls do OUR thing!  It was great - we did some shopping, pampered ourselves with pedicures and caught up on all our chit chat. 

Let me share a few good finds from Saturday and the past few weeks:
We BOTH scooped up these cute flats to wear with flowy summer dresses and skirts.  I love them, the color and the comfort factor.  My feet need a break from heels more than I give in to flats.

Because it was extremely inexpensive for the President's Sale, and it is a fun color when I want to throw on some jeans and scoot around for the day.  Okay, 'scoot' isn't the best word to use because it makes it sound like I sit on my booty and shuffle around like a toddler...but you get the idea.

Not because we have a beach anywhere near for me to sport this in, but it was TOO cute to pass up.  It's big and floppy and again, CUTE.  It will keep the sun off my face at the pool at least. 

This came home with me because I could picture it as a little extra pop of color in at least ten different outfits, so this purchase is totally justified (yes, in case you read this, Jason).

I've had my eye on this ever since it first popped up on Anthropologie's site, so I waited, and waited, and it went on sale, just in time to use some birthday gift cards!

Well, I didn't have to pay the full price because I had a gift card to use, so I actually paid $18 out of pocket, and it was free shopping, so I obliged, and I love it!

 There you have it folks, love some good finds, and I LOVED the sales over the weekend!  I just wish they came around like that more often.  Happy Thursday, it's almost Friday-Friday-Fri-i-day!!

OOTD: Ruffles, Pleats and Pink

Well, this is actually yesterday's outfit of the day, but I'm running a few days behind on blogging, so you're just going to have to deal with it.  I'm sure you're all okay with that any way.  Remember how I said you'd be seeing more of the UO Suede Pump?  Well, here they are again already!

In this outfit:  J Crew Cardigan
Anthropologie Graces Tank
Pleated skirt years ago?
J Crew Bracelet

Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that I kept this skirt?  One of my aunts gave it to me several years ago and it was too big.  Well, it managed to stay in my closet through all the yard sales and I finally had it altered to fit better, and now that pleats are back with a force, I'm loving it even more.  Have you invested in some pleats yet?

OOTD: Neutrals on a Friday

I have a few issues with Casual Friday (insert scene from The Office here). In a professional office, 'casual' still needs to be tasteful.  Sorry, but a hoodie sweatshirt with your jeans is not suitable when dealing with clients.  I wear jeans, but still like to spruce it up with a feminine top or fitted blazer. 

In this outfit:  ASOS blouse
Anthropologie Boucle de Souffle Jacket
Gap Denim Trousers

Overall, this makes me look a little boxy up top, but I do love the color combo.  I will have to add a belt next time.  About the shoes... hard to see in this picture, plus you're probably focusing on the lump of blankets on the sofa and the little airplane, also known as "Pirate P's Treasure Box" - but these shoes are so fun!  I've noticed them on a couple other bloggers, and the color is fun, vibrant, and more versatile than I initially thought.  I wore them twice last week, and I'm sure you will see them in many outfits to come!

Debut of the Glasses

Ugh, it's taking me a while to get used to these bad boys.  I'm supposed to wear them while using the computer and driving at night.  Well, the on and off has given me a vertigo feeling the past few days - hopefully that goes away soon.

For now, I leave you with a picture of the glasses - I had to go for Gucci; just may be the only Gucci piece I ever own.  ;)

Forgive the bad lighting and low quality picture.  I was in a hurry and didn't have time for a great selection.  I'm relieve it's almost Friday, and a long weekend!

Today We Celebrate...

...and by WE I mean me and the Mr - today is our NINE Year Anniversary.

I'm one lucky girl, that much I know.  He puts up with me through the good and the bad, but the best part?  The best part has been the fact that we laugh together.  We're goofy, and when I do something crazy and he gives me that look of, "Hmm, you're kind of odd..." I just smile and tell him his life would be boring without me.  The same is true for me, I would go insane without him and our good times together.  So here's to nine down, and ninety-nine more to go!


I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine's Day!  I know I did, and I feel so blessed to have my hubby and boys as my Valentine's.  I'm one lucky girl!  So, what is BHLDN?  Well, it's actually an Urban Outfitters brand that caters specifically to the bride-to-be.  Oh, how I wish this was around when I was planning my big day!  Although I'm happily married, this site is so fun to browse!  I am in love with several of the shoes (just pretend you don't see the price, because sticker shock is in store!) so I'm going to share my favorites:

The jewelry and hair adornments are just as expensive, um, I mean breathtaking as the shoes.  Stop by the site and let me know what you think!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone - I've been a little MIA lately.  I picked up my new glasses today - more on that in a day or two.  For now, just a simple outfit, but the tights are my favorite part!

In this outfit: Macy's black pencil skirt
Macy's black V-Neck Sweater
Macy's Red polka dot button down

Crazy Michelle from The Bachelor

Okay, if you're like me, you think Michelle from The Bachelor is certifiably insane.  That being said, she DOES wear some cute things.  My girlfriends and I get together after the kids are in bed and veg out to watch the guilty pleasure, and all of us like necklace seen on Michelle in this picture:
{photo from}

Since she's from the Salt Lake area, my guess is that she bought this from Anthropologie a while back when it was in stores.  If you're looking to find a necklace similar to the one pictured above, you're in luck!  My friend Hilary found this on Max & Chloe's site - take a look:

I also found the Anthro version on Ebay:

Thanks Hilary!

Birthday Fun

Last week I received some fun surprises, including:

A gift card to Anthropologie from my sister who couldn't be here to help me celebrate and a spa package from my amazing hubby to help me relieve some stress.  It will be a breeze to use the spa treatment - but I'm having a hard time deciding what to use the Anthropologie gift card on.  Here are a few items that have been on my wish list for a while:

Help me decide!  In addition to the gift card, I also have the birthday discount from Anthropologie to take 15% off - submit your vote in the comments!

OOTD: J Crew'd Out

Another OOTD (outfit of the day - clarification for my sister up in Portland - hahaha) that I wore yesterday, and again, I didn't take a picture.  Sorry!  And I'm not going to lie, I copied the look straight from this blog - from this post.  Isn't she darling?

I already had the pieces (scattered petals tank and merino sequined cardi from J Crew) and threw in some grey dress pants from Vicky's and some cute flower heels from WHBM.

J Crew Scattered Petals Tank

I seriously paid $35 with a 40% off sale last month!

The Kate Bootcut in Heather Charcoal
Seriously, the poses from VS are...interesting. 

I promise I will get back to posting actual pictures someday soon.  Until then, enjoy!

OOTD: Ann Taylor Flutter Sleeve

I'm going to let you in on a little secret - yesterday was my birthday, and I didn't feel up to posting, so I went ahead and let myself have a day off.  However, I will share what I wore on the infamous Groundhog's Day.  Yes, how sweet, I share my day of birth with the hopes of Punxatony Phil NOT seeing his shadow.

I didn't take a picture, but here is what my outfit consisted of:

Ann Taylor Flutter Sleeve Top in navy

J Crew Tweed Skirt in this fun, shocking purple

Along with my Aldo Mikami Booties

I felt fun and feminine and worked all day.  Hmm, I feel a need to start a rule of taking the day off on your birthday...

OOTD: WIDE Leg Trousers

These might be the extreme version of wide leg trousers, but I really love these pants from Anthropologie.  My son asked me this morning if I was wearing pants or a skirt - just to give you an idea of exactly how wide we're talking here.

In this outfit:  Anthropologie Wide Leg Sailor Pant
Belt from a little shop in Sun Valley
Caramel Mary Janes from The Buckle

I bought this top when it went on clearance last month.  Here is an actual picture of it -

Of course, I won't be running to the nearest light to stand in front of in hopes that I will light up like this - but the blouse is intricately pretty all the same.