Make a Statement



I love how a great statement necklace like this one can take an other wise "simple" outfit up to the next level.  With great brands like Happiness Boutique, you can amp up any outfit without breaking the bank and they also offer free shipping with a lovely little rewards program as well.  Triple win for the books.  I'm looking forward to pairing this necklace with a striped tee and some distressed jeans for another casual-made-glam outfit.

That's it for this Tuesday - I hope your day is a great one!



Holy Smokes, Happy Monday to you!  This one has been a whirlwind and I will be pumped when the day is over and we have moved on from the opener of this week.  ;)  I hope yours has been a productive one!

Flashback Friday: 4th of July

I didn't really get around to posting our 4th of July from this year, but I don't want to forget about it so here we go.  I was able to take quite a bit of time off from work and my sister and her family came out from Portland to spend the holiday with us.  We spent so much time in the water and at Luke's baseball games and I absolutely loved having her family here during a time of year that can prove to be a bit of an emotional roller coaster for us.

Cindy's boys are getting so big and it becomes easy to get all too sappy and maul them and it makes me wish we lived much closer so I can watch them grow.  Beckham struggled a little bit with younger children around as he is currently our 'baby' so we continually reiterated patience and calm voices with him.  It's still a work in progress...

On the 4th we opted not to attend any parades but we did sleep in and we had an amazing brunch before we left for the lake, where we spent the majority of our day.  We are blessed to have a pretty amazing fireworks show here and we headed to get our spots around 9:00 that night.  All of our boys were slightly out of control and up way too late, but it sure did make for some great memories.

Navy + Leo



Bringing it back to some neutrals after a lot of color over the last few weeks.  Just for a bit though because this outfit feels an awful lot like fall to me.  And I'm just not ready to give up my summer yet.  ;)

Happy Thursday!

July Beauty Faves


1.  philosophy 'senorita margarita' 3 in 1 - Summer time requires a great body wash, and this 3-in-1 is perfect.  The scent is absolutely delicious first thing in the morning!

2.  nars eyeshadow duo in st-paul-de-vence - Easy-Breezy is a must for summer makeup and this duo is perfect for a light, natural look.

3.  boscia luminizing black mask - There are reviews all over the place for this mask and I received a deluxe sample from a Sephora purchase.  This mask certainly does what it claims; peeling off to reveal luminized skin.  It goes on as an opaque, black mask so I only apply when my littles are in bed.  And because I do have oily skin, I only use this 1-2 times a month.

4.  beautyblender trio - I have been using my beauty blender for over a year now and while I was a bit clueless at first, I really love this little sponge now.  It took me forever to realize that it works best if it is damp but once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing.  I've been contouring with a darker shade foundation, so once my regular foundation is on, I just pump a little of the darker shade on the fat end of my blender and blot/blend on my contour.  Love it!

5.  lancome bi-facil eye makeup remover - Suddenly, I have very dry skin on my eyes (which is crazy considering how long they have been extremely oily...) so I need a gentle eye makeup remover that won't contribute to dryness.  I used this remover when Jas and I were first married, then went away from it and now back.

6.  sunday riley luna sleeping night oil - This product is acclaimed to help fight wrinkles, reduce pore size and repair damaged skin.  Because this is a pricier product, I typically apply this after I have derma rolled so that it can truly sink into my skin.  Made with organic, cold-pressed oils and amazing on my skin.  It really is blue, so only use it at night as it can tint your skin while it is being absorbed.

That is it for this month's beauty faves - let me know if you have any questions!