All That Glitters


I was naughty and unwrapped this sweater from my friend, Alesha, a tad bit early (sorry Sheesh!) but I just had too... I mean, I already knew what it was and needed to wear it to church yesterday.  After all, it was the Sunday before Christmas and it was just fitting.  Right?  Right!

I also had an exchange at Nordstrom's while I was in SLC and picked up these sparkly shoes that are quite convivial for the season.  Since it's hard to see just how sparkly they are in the pictures - here is shot of them from the site:

They have gold and silver embellishments and they are oh so sparkly.  Jas and I have a joke about how anything that is glittery or remotely sparkly will catch my eyes and these shoes proves he is right.  

Merry Christmas to one and all, and thank you for stopping by!

Happy Heart


My boys have all taken their turn with a bug that is going around - high fevers, sick bellies and lots of cuddles.

I am thankful that we seem to finally be on the mend and pray for good health.  And if that is the top of my worries at this time, I feel good about that.  I've really taken a step back these last few weeks since my post on anxiety and I can feel a difference.  It's crazy how much anxiety can affect you and I am thankful that I am aware of it so I can use some methods to help ease the intensity.  So just a big ol' hug to each of you and a smooch on the cheek.  Muah!  Thank you again.

All Black


ann taylor jumpsuit // black blazer - old // ted baker leather platform heels // whbm belt {old}

The last time I wore this jumper - I used a pop of color with it.  This time, I went with all black (you know, just in case you haven't already noticed that aspect) and I'm wishing I would have skipped the belt; it just really isn't doing me any favors in this one.  But, I did like the all black look.  One of my co-workers mentioned, "Hey, if you ever move on, that would be the perfect interview outfit..."  Haha, thanks Buddy!

Happy Friday!

Red Silk


I have had a major attraction to red lately so don't worry if you see a lot of it around these parts.  ;)  Plus it really is quite appropriate for the season.  I am so excited for this week to wind down.  I only work two days next week and then I have quite a bit of time off for the holiday to be with friends and family.  I.  CAN.  NOT.  WAIT!!

Thanks for stopping by!



j crew leo perfect shirt // windsor skirt {similar} // anthropologie crystallized belt // nadri earrings
michael kors runway watch // zara studded heels {old, similar} // bracelets 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

I saw the cutest outfit on (eh... I think it was, eh...) Instagram and took a quick screen shot so I would remember to recreate it.  It was some bold but fun print mixing and I added a few little pops of my own.  Here is the original:

And how cute is her hair?  Seriously, makes me really want to go drastic and chop, chop, chop more of mine off.  I cut six inches off last time but then immediately regretted that decision so I've been using my Bellami extensions while mine grows out again.  The life of a woman... ;)

Oh, and I am being featured over here on Change and Dress - stop by if you'd like to know a little bit about this lil' old blog.