Off the Grid

Hey Friends - blogging has really not been my forte this summer and breaking my phone didn't help that either.  I dropped my phone one too many times and it finally became unusable.  I ordered my replacement screen weeks ago hoping that would render my phone useful once more.  Then my laptop needed an updated and all of my email and my blog had saved passwords, and I used an app on my phone to store passwords as well.  When I got my laptop back, none of my passwords were saved any longer and I couldn't access passwords.

Long story short, my new screen finally arrived yesterday and my hubby was patient enough to replace it for me and we will be back in business soon.  Thank you for your patience.

Black Lace


I bought this dress a while back and my sister bought the cream version and it is still on the top of my favorites list.

I just cut about four inches off my hair and had it thinned a bit and I'm trying to convince myself that this is really how I wanted it for summer... Isn't it funny how much we stress over hair?  My husband could hardly tell I had any cut off but in my mind, it's forever shorter than what I had.  Haha, as fast as my hair grows, it will be back to this length by October so I shouldn't worry about it.  Happy Friday, friends!




Oh hey friends!  Remember me?  Yeah... it's been a while.  We moved and getting settled this time has taken a while and I just really needed a break from blogging while we adjusted.  I wore this little shift dress to my youngest sister's baby shower and it was perfect for a summer get together.  I hope your summer is off to a great start!